New album: Mont Blanc - Italy

09 March 2015Categories:

New album: Comparative physiognomy exercises

11 February 2015Categories:

New album: Mamma mia, italian cooking

21 May 2012Categories:

Images from the book "Mamma Mia" by Ilkka Falck and Antonio Ranesi, Otava • 2011 • Finland. Italy seen from the kitchen, through a journey in ten regions to discover local flavors, cooking and traditions.

The photographs presented in the book were taken in natural light, without the typical tricks used in food pictures, to restore a genuine atmosphere, and allow the (...)

New album: Out of Catalogue

15 October 2010Categories:

New album: Work

05 August 2009Categories:

New album: Passion

05 August 2009Categories:

New album: Travels

04 August 2009Categories:

New album: More Works

16 July 2009Categories:

New album: Asbestos roof

15 June 2009Categories:

The roof of my building in Rome, covered with a bituminous compound containing asbestos. I posted these images, taken in June 2009, to denounce the poor state of preservation of the material, which thankfully, after years of battles, was finally removed in summer 2011.

In my condo very few people were aware of the risk they were exposing us and our children, and in (...)