Red moon in Rome

Luna RossaI had promised the children we would stay up later that usual last night, to witness together the red show that the Moon promised to give. Unfortunately, on the hills of the Castelli Romani, some mischievous clouds had placed themselves in such a way to enjoy the sight, covering it for us who were in town. At ten I had to put the children to bed; they collapsed in a few minutes. Having returned to the terrace, I saw a neighbour that was roaming the roofs, trying to point his nose towards any celestial coordinate, except for the one where I was expecting to see the Moon. Soon after 23.00, when the clouds, the shadows on earth and the neighbour had given-up trying, what remained of the eclipse appeared to the south-east. Michele and Carlo will be able to see it in this photo, which I achieved combining different exposures to compensate the enormous difference of light between the part lit by the Sun and the one still in the shade, just brightened by the lens of the earth's atmosphere.

16th June 2011


robi: on 17 June 2011

Io ero già a letto, peccato, mi sono persa la luna rossa. E dire che quel giorno avevo letto la notizia e mi ero ripromessa di rimanere alzata fino a tardi per godermi lo spettacolo. E' prorpio vero che la routine quotidiana e la conseguente stanchezza serale ci distolgono dalle cose belle, quelle vere. Però bella la foto è un po' come averla vista di persona quella grande grassa e paffuta luna rossa.

Antonio Ranesi: on 17 June 2011

Mannaggia, dovrai cambiare stile di vita se non vorrai perderti la prossima, quella del 28 settembre 2015. Sarà totale tra le 4:11 e le 5:24 ora legale italiana.

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